Moving House

Tips for Moving House Easily

Anyone who has experienced moving house before will know that it is not an easy task. Unplanned moving can be a nightmare. Whether you are moving across the country or to another town, planning is everything. It helps to make your move run smoothly. It can takes several months to a year to make plans and schedule a date. Follow these steps for successfully moving house.

Schedule a Date

If you are moving across country, this can be the hardest thing to organise. Fix a date that you are going to move to be able to start planning things for your new place, packing and moving. You may need to resign from your job (if you are moving far away) or apply for leave.

Having a date makes everything easier as you will know what time you have left and when to start doing the other steps.

Professional Mover or Do It Yourself

Before you start to pack, figure out who is going to do the moving for you. It depends on your budget, the size of your house, your belongings and the distance. You may not want to drive a big truck over a long distance.

If you are moving to another place, it is more convenient to hire a professional moving service. There are many types of moving services. For people with few belongings, you may use a ‘self-move service’, which provides you with only a driving service. Some providers use a ‘shared space’ for many customers in just one truck. If you need less space and want to save your budget, this is a good choice.

If you have a lot of belongings, you may want to hire a ‘full-service mover’ to help you with moving the items as well as drive for you. It is more expensive, but then you can get a service from experienced movers and a professional driver.

For those who are moving to nearby place, you may want to do it yourself. However you should consider whether you are able to drive a truck or if you have someone who can drive it for you. You may need to drive down narrow roads or on busy highways. Rent a truck or rent loader trailers by SureWeld and attach them to your car. Weigh up the cost of rental and petrol with a hired mover, to help you choose which is the most economical and convenient way.


Start to separate your belongings into what you will bring and what you will leave. You can sell any unwanted things as a second hand goods or even give them away. By doing this you only have the things that you want to bring with you.

Divide your items into categories and put them in separate boxes. Any dishes and fragile objects should be clearly identified and wrapped up with paper or bubble wrap. For clothes you may need a wardrobe box which is easier to move and unpack. Label every box with a marker and secure them with brown tape. Other kinds of tape are not as sticky as brown tape. You may need a tape gun to help you do this job.

Final Check

If you already have a moving date, have booked a truck and your belongings are packed, then you are ready to move. Make sure everything is ready and get confirmation from your mover or truck provider. Check all the things you want to bring. Make sure you notify everyone such as your friends and relatives and make sure your new place is ready to move in to. Now you can just sit back, and await the time to move.