Successful Small Factory Relocation

Relocating a business is challenging but something definitely worthy of considering. Business growth leads to a need to expand a factory to support increased production. Relocating the entire business will not only require moving your employees to another place but you have all the machinery and systems to move too. Perfect planning is essential. Here is what businesses should do to relocate successfully.


Notify Employees

Employees need to know about the relocation. If they need to move, tell them as soon as possible. Some workers might live far from the new site so it might not be convenient for them to move. Make sure that everyone knows about the relocation by sending an email out to everyone or display a notice on the board in the canteen.

In the case of you expanding your business, you may need to recruit more people. Start to call applicants for interviews. Make sure that your HR team prepares everything about the employees before relocating.



What machinery/equipment will need to go with you? You may have an entirely new system or you might have to bring everything with you. You need the set up information for all of the equipment and industrial equipment of the entire factory. Engineers, designers, specialists and anyone who is involved with this equipment will have to come together during planning to know what to move and where it will be placed. The plans of both the old and new factories should be brought with you.

Make a layout of where everything is currently located and where they will be placed in the new site. Note the name and brief characteristics at the top to help you to identify all of the equipment and machinery. Gather the specialists together to allow them to help each other and find the perfect places for your machinery.

Review your equipment before moving anything. Check your machinery’s condition and take high resolution photographs of all sides of it. This will be helpful if anything happens during relocation such as damages or malfunctions.



After you know what things will be need to be moved, find a contractor to handle their movement. A good professional mover has to provide you with specialist workers and all the equipment needed for relocating i.e. cranes, forklifts, SureWeld aluminium trailers, welders etc.

Your company has to provide a plan of the new factory, detailed information of the machine systems, instructions for installation and any other specific information. It is better to have a technical team from your company talk with the contractor. Make sure that both sides understand each other’s needs.



Make sure that your technical team, designers, engineers and specialists are involved in this step. All the systems have to be connected properly and in the right places. After placing the machinery, run the systems to test their performance.

Relocating a business has many procedures to deal with. Consider any possible problems that could happen and plan how to deal with them. Teamwork and smart planning can cause your business to be relocated successfully.