The Importance of Proper Trailer Selection

Selecting the most suitable trailer is of paramount importance as industrial vehicle transportation is an area in which corners cannot be cut.

Given the legal obligations and safety requirements within the field, combined with the cost implications which errors and incorrect decisions can cause, understanding what you need is key. Whether it is selecting the most suitable types of trailers for the jobs at hand, ensuring that the carrying capacity is fit-for-purpose or that the trailers themselves are constructed by a provider who is experienced within the appropriate sector, making the wrong selection can prove to be a financial burden. However, if shrewd selections are made the benefits to an individual trailer owner or a vehicle transportation company will be added flexibility in their applications or costs not being wasted.

Trailer Type

A trailer is an investment and so selecting the correct trailer type is not something which can be done at a whim. Whilst some trailers may be able to support the necessary weight requirements there could be issues with the loading itself as the height of the loading ramps may not suit the clearance of the equipment. For example, items such as EWP/scissor lift trailers will require very low clearance and the nature of the loading ramps will need to reflect the specific needs of such equipment. Alternatively, mini loader trailers will need to be wider than mini excavator trailers to accommodate the extra breadth of the equipment’s wheelbase. Make sure that the specific trailer specifications match the haulage requirements or unnecessary damage could be caused to both the trailers and the machinery.

Carrying Capacity

Obviously this is one of the biggest factors to check when selecting a trailer. Not having a trailer which has the capability to transport the load is clearly a recipe for disaster. The consequent implications which can materialise from this are damage to the trailer, the machinery or both. Perhaps it might be more efficient to maximise your payloads by allowing for a trailer which is capable of carrying multiple items but if such needs are not relevant purchasing oversized trailers can limit their suitability. This is key to any business or individual and there are obvious implications which need to be personally suited to the buyer. Ensure that adequate research is completed before making any purchases to avoid adding any unnecessary expenditure or alternatively saving on initial costs which in turn might create future financial implications through avoidable maintenance or part replacements.

Industry Knowledge

Given the extensive range of trailers available on the market it is important to find a trailer provider with extensive knowledge and experience within the required field. Suppliers such as SureWeld will have experience in areas such as loader trailers and EWP loaders and purchasing from a company which understands the market will allow you to buy in confidence. Ensure that the liability coverage fulfills your needs and that the supplier has the expertise to guide you with your choice. Test out this knowledge by asking as many questions as possible. Be aware that some companies may use certain technical jargon which proves to be little more than marketing spin Ask detailed and wide-reaching questions and then the supplier’s knowledge within the field will soon become apparent.