Top 3 tips on planning your wedding music

Although it goes without saying that you will have so many important considerations to make for your big day, there’s the dress, the rings, the vows and the church, not to mention the cake and the venue. It remains to be said that a massive part of the way you remember certain aspects of the day will be because of the music that you chose to play at important points. Music has that inane ability to make you feel the emotions you felt when you first heard it all over again, just by hearing it. So it does require more consideration than you may think.

But it often gets left to the last minute to have all the arrangements made and for proper thought to get put into what you are going to play. You might already have an idea of what you want to hear however for those who are slightly more indecisive than the rest of us, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you narrow down the choices and make the right selection.


Do you and your partner have a “song”? You know, that one “song” that supposedly sums you up as a couple, perhaps you heard it when you first met? Or maybe when you first went on a date together? Or on the night you both first kissed? In any case, this is the kind of music you are going to want to play for your guests at certain important points, for the aforementioned songs, the best occasion to use them would be the first dance between the bride and the groom. A situational important music is important to this particular event as it symbolizes one of the first things that the new couple has done as husband and wife.

Another important event to remember which often gets overlooked is the walking down the aisle. This can be a tearjerker for any family as they watch their daughter, granddaughter or any other relation take on the challenge of forming a new family and truly leaving the nest. Perhaps to symbolize this importance to the family as a whole, use a song that means a lot to the bride’s side to really create that emotional and heartwarming feeling of family love.

Check with your venue127

Now before you actually build up your playlist, you may want to check with the venue of the ceremony on their regulations on song lists and what is and isn’t allowed to be included. Many strict religious establishments will not allow music of certain types or themes to be played on their grounds and of course, these being places of worship for many people, their wishes need to be respected and this information must be relayed to you DJ beforehand.

You will also want to find out what kind of audio equipment is available for use during your ceremony and what you will need to supply. Some larger or more modern establishments may be fitted with a fairly substantial soundsytem capable of playing the music to the required level and enabling you to tweak the levels to ensure maximum sound quality throughout the venue.

Atmosphere and tone128

What kind of atmosphere are you trying to set with your song choices? This is definitely something you are going to want to ask yourself as failure to do so could cause you to end up with a playlist which sounds jumbled and mismatched. The way to choose complimentary songs is to pay attention to the genre and tempo and what feeling the song creates when it’s played. When choosing genres, for most of the actual ceremony itself, it’s probably best to stick with more neutral and happy music that can easily fit into the background of what is happening without distracting from it.

In fact Charlie Sparx, a supplier of DJ’s and photo booth hire services in Sydney, has stated in the past that choosing the music for the ceremony itself is a dangerous game as you run the risk of putting more emphasis on the music that is playing rather than the event itself.

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