What makes the perfect CV?

When you’re looking for a job, you will often hear that a perfect CV will make the perfect application, after all, this document allows employers a brief insight into who you are, what your skills and strengths are, and gives you an opportunity to state why it is that you would be the most suitable person to take the position. And with all of that being on the line, you will need to ensure that your CV is as eye-catching, professional and polished as possible. And while at the same time making sure that it is unique enough that it not only offers a potential employer those valuable insights but also to avoid being tossed straight in the garbage out of boredom.

Unfortunately, the art of writing the perfect CV has become somewhat of a diluted field in recent years and everybody wants to give their sagest advice about how to catch the reader’s attention. Indeed merely searching on Google for this information will lead you to hundreds of articles and e-books all claiming to have cracked the secret formula so to speak. However it isn’t really as complicated as it may first appear although it certainly does require a degree of planning and strategy. However to help keep you on the right track, in this article, we will run you through few top tips on how to get that interview opportunity.

Format and structure

This is most certainly one that you have heard before but it really is one of the key considerations you need to make and that is how you structure your CV and the kind of layout you want to present the information. If you can empathize with the readers situation, in that they have to sift through large amounts of CV’s and resumes until they have found a selection of the most suitable candidates to invite to an interview. More often than not this selection can often be based on whose CV they could actually be bothered to read and laying out your information in as clear and concise a manner as possible will ensure that the reader finishes your CV and goes away with clear information to decide whether or not they want to invite you to attend an interview.

The best way to go about this is to avoid using large chunks of text set into boring blocky paragraphs. This is bound to make reading it very labored and this is the thing that you are looking to avoid, you want to make your CV very easy to read in order for the employer to remember you easily. The other thing you may want to consider is when it comes to your technical information to bullet point your qualifications and work experience in order to split this often in depth information into more manageable portions. Looking on the internet will provide you with a number of industry specific resume templates however do be aware that some employers will actively look for plagiarized material within them so do not under any circumstances copy them word for word.


First impressions are important and can never be repeated again and to your employer, your CV is your professional greeting and they will often generate an image of who you are from this alone which will contribute to their first impressions of your as a person. Therefore it’s important that you give them as much information as you can in order for them to do this, however you shouldn’t restrict yourself for the mere words on a page and consider including a clean and professional headshot in your CVC and application. From your CV your employer will be looking to picture you working for their company and offering your skills and if they can place your face in their office then that’s an added bonus.

When choosing the photo to include you will want to ensure that it is a photograph of you from a close distance from the bottom of the shoulders up. You should be dressed in professional attire with a warm, open and friendly expression on your face. Absolutely no holiday pictures or beauty shots can be used as this will generate the wrong kind of impression. For this you may want to consider finding a professional headshot photographer who has experience with taking these kinds of shots to ensure you get it right first time round and score that interview.