Modern tech in the Construction Industry

In today’s sophisticated construction industry the need for complex solutions has become paramount. The technological advances in recent years has enabled companies to increase work capacity to levels never seen before. However, this has resulted in a need for more sophisticated problem solving technologies to overcome difficulties which were rarely seen in previous years. One modern solution is the use of high-tech detection equipment for fault finding and imaging. In Australian, to use a concrete scanning company as part of a building or engineering project has become standard practice. Companies such as Australian Locating Services in Sydney have been providing a comprehensive scanning service for decades and work alongside builders, surveyor, architects, engineers, plumbers and electricians on projects all over the country. This technology has become increasingly popular due to the safety aspect it brings to a project. In modern towns and cities complex electrical and plumbing networks can pose a serious problem to the safety of those involved in construction. Fatalities and serious injuries are always a potential danger, and the only way to avoid them is by carrying out an extensive screening programme before a project starts.

Concrete scanning companies can offer a comprehensive service to ensure workers are kept safe. It also prevents the need for expensive and outdated drilling and boring techniques which can only give construction managers a glimpse of the potential dangers which lie ahead.

Here are a few of the useful services a concrete scanning company can offer:

  • Pipe and Cable Locating – Radio frequency and ground penetrating radar can be used to identify underground pipes, cables and utilities.
  • Concrete Scanning – GPR technology can locate utilities, electric conduits, reinforced steel which is encased in the concrete, post tension cables, defects and void spaces. It can also be used to map the depth and volume of the concrete, and it can be used to determine if there are any hidden electrical currents.
  • Utility Mapping and Land Survey – Using GPS technology utilities can be located and exposed accurately to MGA coordinates and AHD height datum.
  • Water Pipe Leak detection – Using sensitive electric microphones and digital instrumentation to detect leak noises which can be amplified and processed to assist in identifying a leak location.

These technologies are becoming more advanced as the demand for a safer working environment increases. In today’s ever-changing and exciting construction industry the desire to utilize hi-tech equipment to reduce hazards and optimize productivity has become a motivating factor. The advances made to date have been highly beneficial to those who have embraced them. It is a sign of the times and an indication of what tomorrow’s construction industry may look like. The only organizations which will thrive in tomorrow’s industry are those who are aware of these technologies and are willing to work with them.