5 Key Advantages to Hiring Skip for Your Next Home Project

If you’ve got an up-coming project at home, you should probably look into RentASkip, as you’d be surprised by how much rubbish and refuse you’ll end up with. Getting rid of waste without a skip is a long and tiresome process, particularly if you have to do a bunch of trips back and forth to the tip. Hiring a skip however can save you an awful lot of time and trouble. In this post we are going to explore the major benefits of hiring a skip when tackling a project in your home.

Whether you’re renovating your garden, a room in your home or decorating the entire house; there’s going to be a lot of waste. And the beautiful thing about getting in touch with a skip bin hire company is that they will be able to advise you accordingly on what type or skip you’ll likely need and the skip size as well. You might think: ‘a skip’s a skip!’ But they come in many different types and sizes depending on how much refuse you’re going to be disposing of and what type of waste it is.

So, what are the other benefits?

bin 1 – Quick and Easy Service

Hiring a skip is a very straight forward service and one that can save you an awful lot of time and energy. Again, you won’t have to worry about heading backwards and forth to the tip when you can simply dump your waste in a skip and the company can dispose of it for you once you’re finish. Just be certain not to overfill the skip as the skip bin hire company will refuse to remove it. This isn’t them being difficult, it’s simply a case of keeping within the bounds of the law in terms of weight on the road.

2 – Variety of Sizes

Again, skips do come in a variety of sizes so be certain to hire one that is going to be big enough for the task at hand. If you’ve got an idea as to how much waste you’ll be disposing of, we’d always advise going slightly bigger (just in case)

3 – Cost Effective

All things considered, hiring a skip is rather cheap given how much money you can save on fuel and other expenses.

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4 – It’s Eco-Friendly

The great thing about going through a reputable skip-bin hire company is that they will dispose of the waste safely, appropriately and in accordance with the law. Before going ahead and hiring a company be certain to ask them how they will dispose of your waste. There have been known to be ‘cowboy’ skip-hire companies who care little for the environment and more about saving money.

5 – Additional Safety

When you’ve got a home renovation going on, it can become increasingly dangerous as the trash and refuse piles up. Rather than have splintered wood and loose nails laying around the garden, you can have everything kept safely in your skip until you’re ready to dispose of it all – an essentiality if you have children & pets!

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