5 Things to Consider Before Hiring Your Skip Bin

You’d think that hiring a skip would be a pretty straight forward procedure, and it is, however there are a number of things that you must first consider before going ahead. Whether you’re renovating your home, simply having a spring clean clear-out, or you’re tearing up your garden and starting from scratch; you’re going to need a quick and efficient way of disposing of your waste. Naturally, you don’t really want to have to be doing too many trips to the tip, particularly if you want to keep your car clean! So, now that we’ve established that a skip is going to be the most efficient way of handling your waste, now it’s time to explore how to find the right skip bin hire company.

1 – Shop Around

By logging on to a reputable skip bin hire comparison website, such as RentASkip, you’ll be able to take a look at all the local skip bin hire companies and compare them. This is great for finding the best value for money, though it is also important to remember that the cheapest doesn’t always mean the most appropriate.

2 – How Do They Dispose of Your Waste?

This is the big one, as there are many ‘cowboy’ companies out there who are more concerned with saving money than they are the environment. Be certain to find out exactly how your skip bin hire company will dispose of your waste before going ahead! Again, it’s all very well saving money, but not at the expense of our environment.

3 – How Much Waste Will You Have?

Before you can decide on skip size, you’re going to have to think about how much waste you’re going to end up with. Remember that it’s always more than you think, so it might be worth going a size bigger than you first thought. That being said, any reputable and reliable skip bin hire company will be able to advise you accordingly, so – give them a call, let them know the details on the type of project that you’re carrying out and they will almost certainly come back with a reasonable quote and an accurate recommendation on what size skip to use.

4 – What Type of Waste Are You Throwing Away?

If you’re unsure about the various waste types and what is allowed in which skip, then you’d be best to speak with your skip bin hire company beforehand. Again, they’ll advise you on the size and the type of skip that you will need, based on the information that you provide them with. Be careful not to put anything that you shouldn’t, inside your skip as you could look at having to pay a rather hefty fine.

trash5 – Do Your Research

Make sure that you understand all the rules and regulations before going ahead and filling your skip bin up. If you want to avoid any financial penalties or any other headaches, then all it requires is that you do a little research beforehand.