Three Popular Kitchen Design Ideas from 2018 

Redesigning and remodelling your kitchen is quite an undertaking; there are a million and one things to consider including the units, the doors, the floor, the appliances, moving the electrical cables and the water and gas pipes and so many other things.  But if this is a project that you are passionate about and have been saving up to get done, you’re going to want to make sure that you get yourself the best kitchen makeover money can buy, at least to your budget anyway.

However, if redesigning your kitchen is little more than a hopeful idea, then it might be worth you having a look at three of the more popular design ideas from this year and see if any of them spark your creative juices.

No more wall cabinets

Assuming you have the space to make it work, a popular design idea is to remove wall cabinets ad simply keep the under the counter ones.  In their place, you should use open shelving, and not many of them, maybe just two or three long ones to a wall so that the room doesn’t feel cluttered.  The idea of this is to give the room a more open and airy feeling and it is remarkably effective, especially if it is backed by a light wall colour.

black kitchenBlack is back

There was a time when glossy white was a sign of the future, and indeed the 1960’s predicted that everything would be shiny and white in every single room.  However, that is more of a bathroom look by today’s standards and instead kitchens are looking fantastic when adorned in black worktops, stone provides a wonderful finish, with some black detail such as shelving.  This is then well complemented with a light coloured wood such as beech as the main material used for the cupboards as the two different tones work together very well to create a striking contrast.

Splashes of Colour

kitchenKeeping with the theme of striking contrasts, having a lot of matt white in your kitchen can make it very bright and open feeling.  But if you then add in very bold and brightly coloured items such as crockery or appliances, then the vastly different approaches will give a lot of eye catching aspects to your room.  Just be careful not to overload it with colour as the white needs to be strong to give the proper effect.

These three ideas are very contemporary and very simple to achieve whilst providing a very distinct decorative style to your kitchen.  However, the fitting and installation of a kitchen at large is no simple task.  As mentioned previously, there is an awful lot to consider rendering this task beyond all but the most advanced and advernterous DIY enthusiasts.  It is definitely worth consulting a professional kitchen installation company such as Kitchen Essence as they will have all of the knowledge and skills needed to ensure your kitchen is finished to the highest possible standards and you get the fantastic room that you deserve.