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The Advantages of Using LED Lights for Outdoors  

There’s been much hype around LED lights in recent years, particularly when applied in the home. They have many advantages over standard lighting, which has been made abundantly clear as LED’s have slowly replaced their counterparts both inside and outside the home. In this article we’re going to focus specifically on the benefits of using LED lighting outdoors. Once reading the irrefutable evidence, you’ll want to buy outdoor LED lighting online and kit the outside of your home out immediately! Let’s look at the facts:

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1 – LED’s offer a brighter light

LED lights are significantly brighter than regular lights, which makes them ideal for security purposes. When lighting up the area outside your home, the more you can see, the safer it is. Very few burglars are going to feel confident breaking an entering a home which is lit up like time’s square on new years eve!

2 – LED’s have a much longer lifespan

Another great benefit of using LED lighting is the fact that they last for so long. Generally speaking, you can get up to 50,000 hours out of a standard LED light, which is approximately 25 years. It’s safe to say that you won’t have to worry about changing the bulb for a little while…

3 – LED’s have a higher durability

LED’s are renowned for their superior durability to their lesser counterparts. This is due to the use of materials such as plastic, over glass. – Thus, being able to withstand the elements comfortably. Perfect for use outdoors, particularly if you live in an area which see’s plenty of harsh weather conditions.

4 – LED’s are the ‘greener’ option

It’s a double whammy with LED’s when it comes to efficiency. Not only do they shine brighter than the standard lightbulb, but they use a significantly lower amount of energy as well. Efficient and eco-friendly.

5 – LED’s don’t need to ‘warm up’

Many traditional forms of lighting require a little time to heat up before they shine at their brightest. LED’s on the other hand, are always ‘instant on’, even in the coldest of conditions. It’s a great benefit, particularly when it comes to security purposes. You don’t want a lamp that requires several minutes to get to warm up to its most efficient.

6 – LED’s offer greater flexibility

That’s right, LED’s come in all shapes and sizes, which offers you greater flexibility. Whether you’re looking for wall-mounted lights, ‘street-lamp’ styled lights or motion sensor security lights; you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Simply head over to a reputable website such as LEDs NZ Online, where you will find a broad range of quality LED lighting options.