Winter Green Couch Grass – The King of Grasses? 

There is nothing that looks worse than a patchy lawn in your garden, or anywhere else for that matter.  A lawn with chunks missing and holes in it feels unkempt and almost dirty should it be excessive due to the amount of soil on show.  But why does this happen and what can be one about it?  This is one of the million dollar questions about lawns and the answers are often simpler than you might think.

grassNot all grasses are born equal

For those not in the know, grass is a binary term; either a plant is grass or it isn’t.  However, there are many different species of grass, more than 12,000 in fact, that are separated into two general categories – Poaceae and Gramineae.  Many of these you really would not want in your garden, let alone having the majority of it carpeted in them.  As such, it is the Poaceae species’ that we are interested in as they include the grasses we perceive as lawns.  Amongst all of the grasses out there, relatively few are actually capable of providing a lawn with decent coverage and a nice appearance.  In fact, if you investigate professional lawn and turf companies, such as A View Turf, you will see that most of them stock less than ten different species of grass.  So when you do look at a beautiful lawn, remember it’s one of only 10 or so options out of 12,000 that can achieve the look you are seeing.

Winter Green Couch – Grass that doesn’t give the cold shoulder

Chief amongst these handful of grass species are several popular options which include the likes of buffalo grass and couch grass.  Often thought of as the most popular among these is Winter Green Couch; this species of grass is an all round great performer and a strong choice for pretty much any conditions.  It is quite often used for sports fields as it can take punishment really well and quickly regenerates if it is damaged as well as absolutely loving direct sunlight.  This fact alone makes it highly resistant to drought which only adds to its overall resilience and appearance as it keeps a consistent colour and coverage all year round.

Fighting the good fight

Having  a Winter Green Couch lawn means that you are choosing a great looking and low maintenance option for your garden.  The grass will fight off weeds very effectively as it has long roots and an aggressive runner system with densely packed leaves.  This allows it to hold the monopoly on the resources in the soil that weeds often exploit and essentially leave them little opportunity to establish themselves.  If all this sounds too good to be true, there is even more reason to consider Winter Green Couch grass, namely the way it feels.  Couch grass could have gotten its name for any reason, but a strong suspect must be how soft and comfortable it feels to the touch.  This grass grows like a carpet and feels almost cushioned beneath you.  This makes it perfect for families and children as well as places such as golf courses as it will offer little to no resistance to the ball.


There is never a perfect choice for a lawn, but Winter Green Couch does come painfully close to that ideal.  If unsightly patches, poor growth coverage or high maintenance are issues for you then you probably owe it to yourself to investigate Couch grasses and see if they can answer your prayers.